myGeoTracking Solutions

Last Mile Delivery Management and Optimization

myGeoTracking provides a unique end-to-end data driven last mile delivery and optimization solution for companies in the delivery and dispatch space.

myGeoTracking helps last mile delivery and e-commerce fulfillment services providers with real-time location and messaging capabilities to optimize and streamline operations based on data driven intelligence. The platform aggregates and analyzes opulent data from the field to help identify any potential bottleneck in the operations and supply chain. The data can also be used for delivery and routing analytics and can help drive reduction in costs as well as improved operations efficiency.

myGeoTracking's routing and scheduling optimization software is a cloud-based solution which means that there is no need to install any software. This solution can be quickly deployed by installing an App on the drivers phones, begin managing the dispatch process and start getting valuable insights into your dispatch and delivery operations.

Key Benefits & Features :

  • Job dispatch to delivery locations
  • Ability to quickly provision field delivery staff on an ad-hoc basis
  • Get alerts and reports based on real world events such as stoppage, delivery, delay or deviation from the expected path
  • Proof of delivery including image and signature capture
  • Optimum routing and job sequencing
  • Geo-coder tool for customer addresses
  • Data aggregation from the field for analysis and optimization

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