Manage & Optimize Your Clinical & Non Clinical Staff

Electronic Visit Verification, Site Monitoring via Geofencing, Time-Clock Hours & Mileage, Custom Data Collection via Forms, Task list, Signature & Barcode, ACA/CMS Compliance Reports & Analytics

Geofence Job Sites for Automatic Time Tracking & Visit Verification

Bulk Geofence setup, Time & Attendance Monitoring, Real-time Arrive/Depart and Exception Alerts, Route Optimization, Custom Workflow Automation and much more.

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Solutions for Mobile Workforce Management

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What Our Customers Say

  1. Lost productivity is one of the biggest problems I face with managing 750 employees. By implementing the myGeoTracking system, the employees are aware that there is a sense of urgency in their workday and they're encouraged not to be counterproductive. We anticipate, when fully implemented, that each employee will increase 30 to 40 minutes per day at least in productivity.

    Marc Menowitz, President, Apartment Rental Assistance Inc.

  2. Lost productivity is one of the biggest problems I face with managing 750 employees. By implementing the myGeoTracking system, the employees are aware that there is a sense of urgency in their workday and they're encouraged not to be counterproductive. We anticipate, when fully implemented, that each employee will increase 30 to 40 minutes per day at least in productivity.

    Marc Menowitz, President, Apartment Rental Assistance Inc.

  3. The myGeoTracking freight broker software makes our communication with drivers much more efficient as it reduces the routine calls to the truck by almost half, and that alone enables our traffic personnel to concentrate on potential exceptions before they become exceptions. We can also comply with our USPS contract location requirements using the same solution just by using the driver's phone.

    John Huggins, Vice President of Sales at FX Logistics

  4. myGeoTracking has made hour reporting and payroll efficient and has helped us control labor costs. We are very happy and will continue to use their services

    Raider Painting Company

  5. With myGeoTracking we've been able to improve our customer response time and save time and money by pinpointing 100% of our manpower on a map at a glimpse.

    Sure Fire Protection

  6. The bizUSPS service from Abaqus not only helped us save our US Government contracts and cut our costs by tens of thousands of dollars, it's also allowing us to expand and get additional contracts and new business .

    Foundation Xpress

  7. The myGeoTracking from Abaqus has helped us better monitor and manage our wireless logistics devices in our warehouses, reducing device loss and keeping our operations on track.

    ADL Delivery

  8. With myGeoTracking I can see where my crew is whenever I need to, and add an extra level of accountability. We've been able to improve our delivery times, cut operating costs and increase the number jobs we complete per month.

    Windsor Steel Corporation


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Simplifying OSHA Field Worker Compliance

As the scope of work and their supporting technologies are expanding, field employees are becoming an increasingly important component of work in a number of industries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) strictly enforces a number of laws to protect

Ensure Accountability While Respecting Employee Privacy

Over the last decade, evolving methods of GPS technology and location based services (LBS) have increasingly allowed businesses and employers to use Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies to track their field employees.

Geofencing 101: A Primer on Field Service Automation

If you have a team of mobile employees, it’s likely that you’re acquainted with the term “geofencing”. If not, this post will reveal a secret tool that can help automate your field service operations and improve overall workforce productivity for your business.

How Advancing Mobile Technologies Can Help Support Lone Worker Safety

A health professional on a home visit, a truck driver en route, a maintenance worker on site–lone workers are a common role in the labor forces of various industries.

Boost Profitability Throughout Your Seasonal ‘Boom & Bust’ Cycle of Business

Mobile workforce management services like myGeoTracking can become a new force multiplier to not only help you better manage your seasonal workers, but also help you build a consistent culture of accountability and efficiency across your entire business on a year-round basis.

QR Code to enhance Time-Clocking, Workforce Monitoring and Field Status Updates

myGeoTracking Mobile App allows users to record time & attendance within Geofenced job sites. Using QR codes in combination with GPS time-clocking can provide you tighter and a foolproof means to track time, attendance and activity of your team.

Beware the Free App for Your Business – You’ll Get What You Pay For

Businesses that implement the right tools can save and earn tens of thousands per employee per year in payroll and opex cost savings and productivity increases.

Proof of Delivery with GPS-Tagged Photo Messaging

Load Tracking & Verification of Load Delivery are two of the most important responsibilities for a Shipper, Freight Broker and 3PL Company. These businesses stake their reputation on their ability to get the right goods to their customers, on time and in good condition.

What’s Wrong with Manual TimeClocking

Accurate GPS time tracking can increase the overall payroll efficiency. While Manual GPS time-clocking services are found to be 'mediocre', find out why 'Automatic Time-clocking' can be the most effective and a fool proof means track time for payroll information.

3 Key Enablers for Improving Team Productivity in the Field

Managing your Operations team in the field is all about People, Places & their Phones – learn how Geofencing with customized rules and alerts can simplify your mobile workforce management efforts!

Time Sheet Software

Read our latest blog on Time Sheet Software - its evolution how it is being used to do more than tracking employee time. If you are still using paper time sheets, or a premise (read primitive) based punch-in system you should consider upgrading to the electronic time sheets software for your employee time tracking process.

Mobile Time Clock: Manual vs. Automatic

myGeoTracking has pioneered a smarter mobile time clock solution that is “zero-touch”, which means that there is NO need for any manual entry while clocking in or out. The App runs in the background while automatically clocking in and out the employee when they start or finish their job.

Shipping delivery & logistics providers face ultimate challenge this holiday season

Mobile Technology is already helping delivery companies increase efficiency and reduce costs. Delivery companies can maximize resources, while at the same time lowering fuel costs and waste, and providing high quality customer service.

Balancing employee privacy with business productivity

Tracking your employees can be a double edged sword. On one hand employees have a right to their privacy but businesses also have a responsibility to maximize productivity and therefore to their share holders.

Improving operations efficiency with freight broker software

Freight brokers spend a significant amount of time communicating with drivers via check calls. A major benefit of using freight broker software for load tracking is the amount of communication it eliminates freeing up their organization.

Realizing the elusive goal of Automatic Time Clocking with Strict Privacy Controls

Every day, millions of contract and temp workers turn in their time cards to finance departments.

Load Tracking and Freight Broker Software for non-asset Based Brokers and Fleet Managers

myGeoTracking turns any cell phone into a real-time load location & driver messaging tool to eliminate check calls and boost operations efficiency.

New way to do business for load brokers

A new way to do business for fleet managers and load brokers with innovative cloud-based technology! Read More

Managing your all important contract workforce ....

A contract workforce gives you the flexibility to expand and contract your workforce based on your business needs.

Improving Customer Service is Vital to Field Service Organizations

Customer service is a critical core competence that many field service organizations have to master...

Versatile and Powerful Cloud-Based Location & Messaging...

Business needs seem to be ever changing from evolving customer requirements to changing workforce devices and technologies....

Improving payroll efficiency in mobile workforce management

It's that time of the week when you find yourself helplessly in the middle of the off-site employee time sheets that are all over the place, difficult to read, verify...

Geofence and Location tagged SMS

Setting Up a Geofence is as easy as drawing on a map. A Geofence is a virtual boundary of a predefined area of interest that is marked on a map...

myGeoTracking Integrates its Logistics Platform with the USPS SEAM Transportation Management System to facilitate Compliance for Mail Freight Contractors

Abaqus’ myGeoTracking transportation & logistics platform is the first of its kind to complete integration and certification on the US Postal Services’ next generation “SEAM” Transportation Management System

myGeoTracking Enhances its Intelligent Mobile Forms for Automation of Field Service Workflows

Customize and Automate your Field Service Workflows. Create Custom Forms, Collect Field Data using Mobile Phones and Tablets, Get Real-time Alerts based on Field Events and Data rules

Abaqus’ myGeoTracking Platform integrates with Freightflow’s Transportation Management Software to provide enhanced Load Tracking & Supply Chain Solution for the Produce Industry

Integration partnership provides Freightflow customers with enhanced real-time load location and status, including ETA alerts, Driver status updates and mean distance remaining for any given load.

myGeoTracking Lone Worker Safety Solution Cuts Risk to Employees, Helps Companies Meet Liability & Compliance Needs

Accurate location tracking & messaging combined with powerful If-This-Then-That (IFTT) rules platform enable safety monitoring and compliance solutions for Field Service Employees.

Abaqus Recognized with Owler Hot in the Silicon Valley 2016 Award

Crowdsourced competitive intelligence platform honors Abaqus out of 15 million company profiles

Abaqus and Intelek Announce Transportation EDI Support for Rapid Integration of Logistics Management Capabilities with 3rd Party TMS Systems

Rapid service integration across broad range of Transportation and Supply Chain TMS and EDI systems provides leading transportation firms like Carroll Fulmer with customized real-time load tracking management and supply chain visibility.

Abaqus Announces Enhanced Geofence-Based Mobile Time Clock and Workflow Automation for the myGeoTracking Platform

Enhanced Geofencing adds rich context to field activities, automates time & attendance, adds precision to job costing, and improves field data collection.

Leading Multinational 3PL chooses myGeoTracking end-to-end USPS Contract Compliance & Logistics Event Monitoring Service

FLS Transportation Services implements Cloud-based solution for key government freight contracts and to improve load management operations and on-time delivery rates

Crystal Janitorial Services taps Abaqus' myGeoTracking Service for IVR-based Workforce Management Solution to Boost Productivity & Accountability

Customized myGeoTracking time-clocking & management solution combines language-specific IVR, location, geofencing and exception alerts to meet customer requirements and management needs.

Leading Fortune 500 Global Property Maintenance Company Implements myGeoTracking Mobile Workforce Management Solution to Enhance Operations and Achieve Service Contract Compliance Goals

The Company has chosen myGeotracking solution to collect, monitor and efficiently report business critical data from highly mobile employees at large industrial facilities

Team Collaboration and Supervisor Tools Boost Flexibility of the Abaqus myGeoTracking Mobile Workforce Management Service

New “myTeam” features for the myGeotracking field force management app let supervisors monitor, clock-in and message their field crews in real time to enable enhanced collaboration and compliance monitoring

USPS Freight Contractors tap Abaqus’ Advanced Logistics Solution for Contract Compliance

The myGeoTracking service turns any driver’s phone into a powerful tool for USPS contract compliance reporting, load location, ETA alerts and delivery confirmation.

Abaqus’ myGeoTracking Load Tracking Service Adds Proof of Delivery with GPS-Tagged Photo from any Driver’s Phone

3PLs, Brokers and non-Asset Based Fleet Managers can eliminate check calls and improve operations with real-time load location, alerts, messaging and GPS-tagged Proof-of-Delivery (POD) without requiring the installation of an app on the driver’s phone

myGeoTracking Service Adds GPS-Tagged QR Codes for Employee Time & Attendance, Accountability Tracking, & Workforce Automation

myGeoTracking Workforce Management App with QR Code scanner allows users to record time & attendance for precise indoor location and replace use of RFID for Security Industry and Facility Management needs.

myGeoTracking Adds Sophisticated Rules Engine for Field Employee Management via any Mobile Phone Combining Geofencing, Job Activity Alerts and Messaging

Using these automation features such as zero-touch time-clocking, place & time based task reminders and geo-tagged enterprise messaging while maintaining strong privacy controls for employees, our customers are able to boost productivity by up to 15% across their workforce.

myGeoTracking Customers Tap New Workforce Automation and Automatic Time & Attendance Features for Huge Payroll and Opex Savings

myGeoTracking adds customer sites & tasks list assignment feature, more powerful “hands-free” time-clocking

Abaqus Inc. enhances myGeoTracking with Automatic Driver & Load Tracking Solution for non-Asset based Brokers and Fleet Managers

New service turns any cell phone into a real-time load location & driver messaging tool to eliminate check calls and boost operations efficiency

Abaqus, Inc. Enhances myGeoTracking Mobile Workforce...

Abaqus, Inc. Enhances myGeoTracking Mobile Workforce Management Service with Automated Near "Zero-Touch" Features for Job Assignment, Job Activity Logging and Auditing.

Abaqus Enhances Its Mobile Workforce Management ...

Abaqus, Inc., a provider of the first-of-a-kind myGeoTracking cloud-hosted location and messaging platform, has launched its new hybrid myGeoTracking Location Agent application for

Expansion of myGeoTracking Location Based and Messaging Service into ...

Abaqus, Inc., a provider of the first-of-a-kind myGeoTracking cloud-hosted location and messaging platform, has expanded coverage of the myGeoTracking mobile workforce...

myGeoTracking Service Adds SMS and IVR Based Mobile Time...

myGeoTracking Service Adds SMS and IVR Based Mobile Time-Clocking for Employers With Mobile Workforce

Abaqus Announces 'myGeoTracking Manager' App for iOS and ...

Abaqus, Inc., a provider of the first-of-a-kind myGeoTracking cloud-hosted location and messaging platform, has launched its new myGeoTracking Manager...