End-to-end USPS GPS Compliance & Logistics Solution

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USPS Location reporting via any phone combined with powerful Logistics features

  • Real-time load / driver visibility and reporting
  • Certified USPS Logistics Condition Reporting System
  • Works on all phones - including contract / 3rd party owner operators
  • Powerful analytics & reporting for logistics optimization
  • Customizable Load status alerts (Departure, Delivery, ETA status, etc.)
  • Zero touch 'low hassle' service for drivers. Requires No training
  • Software as a Service. No long term contracts required.

Hear from our Customers

  1. A core part of our business is our transportation contracts with the US Postal Service. We have uniquely optimized our fleet operations to meet the logistics reporting requirements for these USPS contracts by setting up the myGeoTracking app on our Mobile Tablets in the vehicles, accommodating flexible schedules for our drivers and utilizing relay trips. The myGeoTracking service allows us to cost effectively comply with USPS location reporting requirements, saving key contracts while improving operations and cutting costs.

    T&T Enterprises

  2. The 'myGeoTracking for USPS' from Abaqus not only helped us save our US Government contracts and cut our costs by tens of thousands of dollars, it'€™s also allowing us to expand and get additional contracts and new business.

    Foundation Xpress

  3. The myGeoTracking service from Abaqus has helped us better monitor and manage our wireless logistics devices in our warehouses, reducing device loss and keeping our operations on track

    ADL Delivery

  4. The myGeoTracking freight broker software makes our communication with drivers much more efficient as it reduces the routine calls to the truck by almost half, and that alone enables our traffic personnel to concentrate on potential exceptions before they become exceptions.

    FX Logistics

  5. myGeoTracking helps us keep tabs with our loads and shipments through driver's cell phone from a single dashboard. myGeoTracking has helps streamline operations and cut costs and is easy to use .

    Benz Transports

  6. Real-time load location from myGeoTracking helps us avoid driver check calls, freeing up lots of time. Also we're able to communicate load status and location to our customers more easily, as well as staying touch with drivers to communicate road and traffic alerts, or events at the Port that might effect them.

    BMW Transport Inc

Works on All Phones