End-to-end Logistics Event Monitoring and
USPS Location Reporting Solution

FLS Case Study

Company Profile

FLS Transportation Services is a privately owned, non asset-based, provider of transportation and logistics services. The company has grown into a notable multinational third-party logistics company, an industry leader, with a strong foothold in the transportation and logistics market throughout North America.

Business Challenge

A core part a company's transportation business is mail contracts with the US Postal Service.

The US Postal Service has mandated location reporting requirements for all freight contracts, through which mail freight will be managed and tracked with GPS reporting every 15min and enhanced with real-time logistics event monitoring, ETAs based on traffic conditions, and load status at origin / destination postal facilities.

The company works with a wide range of partner carriers using a just-in-time pool of drivers to support their US Postal Highway contract routes (HCR) Most of their contracts were made of complex routes with multi-stops and multi-day runs with strict arrival / departure SLAs at postal facilities along the route.

The company was in search of a solution to help with the US postal logistics data reporting to comply with their contract requirements.

Business Solution

myGeoTracking implemented its certified USPS location reporting solution (LCRS) by provisioning a lite USPS app on the driver phones. The app is able to track location using GPS/WiFi and collect various field data (including geofence events) with zero touch from the driver. It wakes up based on a set HCR schedule assignment made by the dispatch team and reports without needing any driver intervention.

The cloud-hosted myGeoTracking system was setup with geo-fenced USPS facilities to record & report the arrival / departures and the time spent at each facility. The app is able to also cache data in case of poor network connectivity and resend when the driver is in good network coverage.

The dispatch team is able to easily provision drivers and trips using simple csv upload within few hours of receiving the trip assignments from carriers. Once the assignment are complete, the traffic team can access the command & control centre to keep visual tabs on loads in real-time or simply receive alerts & reports based on set times and arrive/depart events.

The system automatically submits the tracking data as a part of compliance reporting to USPS on behalf of the company. Furthermore, the system also provides real-time logistics visibility to the USPS via a custom login access.


  • Meet US Government location reporting requirements and keep their contracts.
  • Saves huge investment in capital expenses by eliminating the need for costly in-vehicle GPS-devices.
  • Saves as much as 10% in driver efficiency per month and reduce penalty charges from USPS in case of operations delays
  • Enable a wide range of partner carriers to provide just-in-time driver assignments
  • Easily assign Drivers to the Trips and manage cost effectively
  • Streamline operations and speed up response times for ad-hoc tasks.

After evaluating several options we chose to implement myGeoTracking’ USPS compliance reporting system,” “Now it doesn’t matter what equipment is in use by which carrier, myGeoTracking bypasses that and taps the driver’s own smartphone with a clever, powerful app and platform to track the USPS load on a very dynamic basis across a changing pool of drivers and vehicles from a number of carrier partners. Not only can we always get the USPS compliance reporting we need, are also providing our USPS contract officers with total visibility – real time location with map views, geo-fenced arrival and departure alerts and records, and other important status information.

- Shannon Kerr, Branch Director at FLS Transportation