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Supply-Chain Event Monitoring to Improve Fleet & Warehouse Operations for a Logistics Company

Company Profile

The Client provides supply chain management and delivery services for the automotive industry, providing both courier and line-haul services to their customers. The client uses ruggedized Windows 6.5 devices from Intermec in their operations to scan packages at pickup/delivery points. They have a sophisticated custom-developed software system (ERP) that handles all aspects of their operational processes, including the capture of scanned package data with GPS & logging of delivery status for basic accountability requirements. This GPS data is typically used to ensure the drivers are not "out-of-bounds" from their routes, and that they are scanning the package at the delivery or pick-up points rather than outside the zones.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to enhance their operations by using a sophisticated location tracking, geo-fencing, messaging, rules engine with ETA monitoring and exception alerts. The client also wants to provide their customers a view into the status of their shipments.

The solution must also provide real-time alerts, online mapping, and reports for our client’s end-customers. Alerts may be as simple as an Email / SMS Text when a package is scanned with a link to an online map OR be as sophisticated as an exception notice to the operations staff when a driver is running late on a route (based on an estimated time-to-destination vs. actual time-to-destination).

Reporting needed to include real-time view of the entire fleet and its ETAs to next-hub and final destination, daily event history to ascertain chronic logistics bottlenecks, record of communication with customers and operations staff to ensure SLA compliance etc.

The customer needed integration of this data with their custom back-office system., The client also wanted to provide credentialed access & limited views based on roles of individuals within their organization.

Business Solution

myGeotracking provided a pilot solution to track the fleet from company’s HUBs through to each of the warehouses prior to being picked up for retail delivery. The solution allowed the client to see:

  • The solution worked on existing company handheld devices, new Android devices and telematics devices.
  • Estimated vs. Actual Arrival Time
  • Provided custom tracking & scanning App for the company’s handheld devices (Windows, Android)
  • Provision all routes with geofenced start, mid and endpoints
  • Setup baseline ETAs according to internal logistics plan
  • Setup Rules to gauge estimated vs. actual Departure & Arrival times
  • Use Rules to trigger automatic alerts to operations team throughout the daily run
  • Create tracking history with aggregate logistics data to help operations team improve & optimize performance
  • Create reports for client's customers to help audit against SLAs
  • Integrate with client’s back-office system using web APIs to exchange routing information and submit realtime updates


  • Client was able to respond to their Customer’s SLA needs and provide a valuable SCM decision-making tool to their Operations team.

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