myGeoTracking Solutions

Enhance Field Communication for mobile workforce management

myGeoTracking's powerful field service management software for mobile workforce management brings your field team together with easy to use, cost effective desktop & mobile based communication platform allowing seamless, two-way geotagged text and IVR communication.

myGeoTracking's field service management software is a cloud-based solution which means that you do not need to install any software on your computer. You can quickly deploy this solution for field service needs, simplifying the tedious task of managing your field employees.

Key Benefits & Features :

Location 'tagged' Text & IVR Communication. Works on All Phones.

  • Streamline company-wide communication with teams in the field
  • Ad Hoc and Scheduled Group messaging: For emergency and non-emergency company-wide notices
  • Optimize field service operations by efficiently managing job dispatches. Get location tagged smart text messages for status, start, break and stop notices
  • Real-time product offers, coupons announcements and updates to customers based on location rules
  • Use Messages to initiate business rules processing. Track progress with activity reports

Client Testimonials

  • "Lost productivity is one of the biggest problems I face with managing 750 employees. By implementing the myGeoTracking system, the employees are aware that there is a sense of urgency in their workday and they're encouraged not to be counterproductive. We anticipate, when fully implemented, that each employee will increase 30 to 40 minutes per day at least in productivity."

    Marc Menowitz, President, Apartment Rental Assistance Inc.
  • "The myGeoTracking freight broker software makes our communication with drivers much more efficient as it reduces the routine calls to the truck by almost half, and that alone enables our traffic personnel to concentrate on potential exceptions before they become exceptions. We can also comply with our USPS contract location requirements using the same solution just by using the driver's phone."

    John Huggins, Vice President of Sales at FX Logistics.
  • "myGeoTracking has made hour reporting and payroll efficient and has helped us control labor costs. We are very happy and will continue to use their services."

    Raider Painting Co.
  • "With myGeoTracking we've been able to improve our customer response time and save time and money by pinpointing 100% of our manpower on a map at a glimpse."

    Surefire protection
  • "The bizUSPS service from Abaqus not only helped us save our US Government contracts and cut our costs by tens of thousands of dollars, it's also allowing us to expand and get additional contracts and new business."

    Foundation Xpress
  • "The myGeoTracking from Abaqus has helped us better monitor and manage our wireless logistics devices in our warehouses, reducing device loss and keeping our operations on track"

    ADL Delivery
  • "With myGeoTracking I can see where my crew is whenever I need to, and add an extra level of accountability. We've been able to improve our delivery times, cut operating costs and increase the number jobs we complete per month."

    Windsor Steel Corp.