Real-time Employee Location Tracking App

Track Time, Location, and Mileage. Automate with Geofencing, Rules, and Alerts.

Employee Location Tracking

Field Employee Visibility and Accountability

Track and manage employees out in the field. Turn your employees' iPads, iPhones, Android, or any feature phone into a cutting edge mobile workforce management tool. Set up custom tracking and work-site geofencing to monitor site attendance. Automate operations workflow by triggering alerts for exception involving people, place, and time.


Manage Field Teams

On-demand Location

On-demand location with or without an app. Dependable tracking using hybrid positioning (Wifi, and GPS) for indoors and outdoors support.

Rich Visualization Dashboard

View real-time employee location, activity and job status on a map. A visual command-and-control dashboard available via the web or the mobile app.

Automate Operations Workflow

Create work rules based on places, people and time. Get alerts based on any events in the field. Example: Arrive/depart, delays/deviations and more.

mobile time clock

Employee GPS Tracking App

GPS Tracking App supports Android and iOS Devices including phones, notepads

GPS location, time and attendance app for any smartphone. Provides dependable GPS tracking using hybrid positioning (Wifi, and GPS sensors) for indoors and outdoors support. Managers can view and manage crew via the app. Users can collect any data, share location and communicate with the team members.

mobile time clock

Powerful tools that fit into a Pocket

“Always on” GPS Tracking and Geofencing

Real-time GPS tracking and site attendance monitoring using geofencing. Get notified upon arrival/departure. Get automatic payroll and location history reports.

Collect Any Type of Data

Employees can collect any data from the field – notes, tasks, signatures, pictures or use custom forms. View data in real-time or generate automatic reports.

Team Location Sharing

View your team’s location directly via the app. Members can share location and communicate with others in the field. Supports custom “who-sees-what” logic.

Rules Engine and Workflow Automation

Automate Field Operations using Smart Workflows

Level up field operations and automate business workflow using customizable IFTTT (If-this-then-that) rules engine. Generate real-time alerts, notifications, and reports based on any event/exception involving people, place, and time (ex: late arrival, departed early, etc.).

Rules Engine and Workflow Automation

Preset Alerts, Reminders and Notifications

Employee Not Clocked-In

Exception reports and alerts for employees (or groups) who have not clocked-in by a certain time. Supports both on-demand and scheduled reports.

Smart Reminders and Notification

Employees forget to clock in/out? No problem! Set up reminders based on their work schedule. Example: not clocked-in, or App is turned off, etc.

Late Check-in and Early Departure

Get notified when an employee is running late or leaves early from the worksite. Supports 2-way notification (email, text, or call) to managers and employees.

Rules Engine and Workflow Automation

Scheduling and Dispatch

Automate Scheduling and Job-dispatch

Set up a custom tracking schedule for each employee (or group) based on their work schedule and time zone. Assign “tasks”, and “jobs” (geofence). Create custom “work rules” for each employee (or group) to automate schedule and dispatch based on the activity (or inactivity) from the field.

Rules Engine and Workflow Automation

Powerful Scheduling and Dispatch Features

Job Dispatch via Geofencing

Assign ‘customers’, ‘jobs’, and ‘tasks’ for employees based on their work schedule. Users can view assignments via the app and mark status in real-time.

Routing and Mileage

Employees can view the best route and access directions help for their assignments via the app. The system automatically computes mileage.

Customer Visit Reports

Automate dispatch based on “work rules” and schedule. Employees get notified via text, email, custom voice call (IVR) or App notification.

Custom Reports and Integration

Powerful Reporting and Analytics for Field Activities

Scheduled and on-demand reports for location, time, visits, mileage and more. Get real-time alerts based on activity (or inactivity) in the field. Example: App turned OFF and so on. Export reports in various formats or integrate with any Payroll, CRM, or ERP systems!

Pre-set Reports

Location History Reports

Scheduled and on-demand location breadcrumb reports. Tells you where your employees have been and which ‘worksites’ they visited during the day.

Mileage Reports

Tracks the distance travelled by mapping to the actual routes to give you accurate mileage reports for your team.

Customer Visit Reports

Tracks the total customer visits made each day and also how much time was spent at each customer site. Use geofence or just using ‘stoppage’.

myGeoTracking Integrates with All Leading Payroll Systems

Leading Companies Trust myGeoTracking to Optimize Field Operations

  • Property & Facility
  • Sales Rep
  • Healthcare
  • Trade Service

Global Property Maintenance Company

Provides specialized real estate, property & facility management services, has more than 230 offices, operates in 80 countries and approximately 60,000 Staffs.

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Apartment Rental
Assistance Inc

A premier in providing rental and properties management services across the country. The company employs 700+ local crew members.

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A real estate development company specializing in bringing revitalization and development to New York & has acquired 7,289+ units of affordable housing.

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Crystal Janitorial

A full service maintenance contractor with its HQ in Silicon Valley & provides services to 5,000 Homes & 300 Buildings per Year.

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Sales Partnership, Inc

A Leading National Sales Outsourcing Firm based in Denver, CO, which provides solutions to small businesses, middle market firms, and global enterprises.

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A premiere internet service provider specializing in internet access products and cloud applications and the company employs 7,000+ staffs across worldwide.

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Centric Business

Provides innovative hardware, software, workflow analysis, document management solutions etc. for offices & employs 500+ staffs.

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Solutions provider throughout the Midwest and East Coast in Information Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, Accounting / Finance.

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Blue Cross

The largest health insurer in Michigan, serving more than 4.5 million people in Michigan and 1.6 million people in other states and employs 8,100+ staffs.

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Rivercross Hospice

Evaluates and responds by offering the level of care that best meets the needs of each individual patient.

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Has been providing expert commercial painting & wall covering services since 1998.

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Raider Painting

Raider has been providing expert commercial and industrial painting services since 1983. They’ve worked on thousands of projects over 33+ years.

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Sure Fire Projection

Provides a wide range of fire protection services to construction customers including commercial, hospitals, high-tech clean rooms and tenant improvements.

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Windsor Steel Corporation

A leading custom steel fittings Manufacturer/ Distributor. Its customers include from one-man shops to multi-million dollars corporations.

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