myGeoTracking Maximizing Team Productivity

Siboney Contracting is using Modern Geofencing Technology

Company Profile

Siboney Contracting is a West Palm Beach, Florida based provider of innovative and cost effective solution in the material sourcing and delivery for nationwide heavy civil, commercial and industrial, construction projects.

Business Challenge

The company manages a team of specialized workers and assets that are assigned to different projects at multiple customer sites spread across the nation.

The company was looking for effective means to manage their mobile resources across the national footprint. The was in search of a solution that could notify operations team in real-time based on a set of field activities (arrival, departure, and delay etc). The company also needed the system to help them easily assign hours and tasks to their different customers based on site attendance. A solution with these capabilities would enable the company to optimize the mobile workforce and automate their payroll process.

The company was looking for 'low-touch' means to set up sites & tasks and track field activites and employee billable hours.

Business Solution

myGeoTracking implemented the 'low-touch' GPS time-clock solution by rapidly geofencing all the jobsites by simply uploading the address of the sites.

Next employee details were added and the system would then send out a link to end users to install and easily register the myGeoTracking Agent™ app on the employee's Smartphones.

The automatic GPS time and attendance solution clocks employees in and out as and when they enter and exit customer sites during their work day. The system records all the vital information like job start time, end time and any tasks associated with the job site. The system would then add the time spent at the job site and perform calculations to detect arrival/departure, delays and send out notification to specific operations groups associated with that job-site.

The system also sends out a weekly report with time breakdown and location history details to different managers.

In addition, the system is configured to raise exception alerts when certain events do / or do not take place in the field e.g. when a user does not check-in by a certain time OR when an employee stops reporting their live location data during shift hours.


  • Improved employee accountability and productivity
  • Easy low-touch setup for automatic time & attendance, site geofencing, payroll and real-time alerts
  • Improved payroll management with significant reductions in payroll costs.
  • No training or learning curve hassles for the crew members, 'zero-touch' solution.
  • Managers are able to more effectively manage their field staff with the Manager App™.
  • Management by exception in case of employees not checking-in from sites OR switching off their apps.

myGeoTracking from Abaqus, Inc., provides a carrier grade, cloud-based location & messaging platform which enables highquality, low-cost solutions for mobile workforce management, mobile asset tracking and geo-tagged smart messaging on any mobile device.