One platform, many tools

One platform, many tools

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Manage Your Field Operations Starting at $5/Employee per Month

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Monthly Billing   $10.00
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Monitoring, Routing, Mileage Calculator for your Mobile Employee

Location TrackingIncludes both on-demand & automatic location tracking. Customizable tracking schedule.   $5.00
Mileage TrackerMileage report during shift hours   $5.00
RoutingOptimize travel route between job-sites.   $5.00
Visualization DashboardView location & History on a map   Incl
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Time Clock

Advanced GPS Time and Attendance - choose from APP, Text, IVR or Automatic check in/out.

GPS Time Clock AppManual clock in/out using using app on the phone   $5.00
IVR / SMS Time ClockManual clock in/out using Text or IVR call. Does not require an APP. Language for IVR can be customized.   $5.00
Geofence Time ClockAutomatic check in/out using 'Geofenced' job-sites. Upto 50 sites included. Requires Location Tracking & GPS Time Clock App   Incl
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Enable mobile employees to collect all types of work-related data in the field

QR, Form, Notes, Pictures, SignatureUp to 200 transactions per month   $5.00
Enterprise Messaging / DispatchOn-demand or scheduled text messages for Job-dispatch / Alerts / Reminders. Up to 200 transactions per month.   $5.00
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Automate field operations workflow. Setup Rules to trigger alerts based on observed field events.

Geofence Arrive/Depart AlertsGet notified on Arrival and Departure based job-sites geofencing. Requires Location tracking.   $5.00
Employee App Not Active AlertGet automatic alerts / notification if any phone is not active (switched OFF or App turned Off).   Incl
Advanced Rules Engine IFTTT Rules engine(If-this-then-that) - Highly customizable rules triggered alerts / notifications for field events tied to people, place, & time. Contact us
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Setup Teams based on business org. Integrate data into Business backoffice including top ERP systems

Custom Privacy control   Incl
Up to 2 Groups   Incl
1 user per account   Incl
Default User Access   Incl

Get Compliance, Audit, Payroll Reports. Create custom analytics to improve field operations

Time-clock, Location & Field Data   Incl
Unlimited on-demand reports   Incl
1 Scheduled Report per day   Incl
Choice of Reporting Format (.html, .xls, .csv and .pdf)   Incl

Plugin / Connectors for Industry specific ERP, CRM, HCM Software

Standard integration with
  • QuickBooks
  • Google Doc
  • Aljex
Custom Plugins
  • SAP / Concur
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Chat / Email support; Phone Support based on SLA; Online Wiki content

Setup (one time)   $10.00
Standard Training – Docs & Videos   Incl
Standard Support – Email & Chat   Incl

** myGeoTracking supports international customers (outside the US) using an App running on a smartphone. Network-only location services are currently available in the US and Canada.