myGeoTracking Maximizing Team Productivity

A Facilities Cleaning Services Company Case Study

Company Profile

A professional services company based out of Illinois that provides a wide variety of services including cleaning, security and facility management services to its customers throughout the state of Illinois and New York city.

Business Challenge

The company employs a pool of contract workforce and field inspectors and has a Bring-Your-Own-Device(BYOD) policy in place. The company wanted to deploy an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) based check-in and check-out from their work facilities as a means to track and verify time and attendance of their contingent workforce that was using disparate phones over a variety of carrier networks. The Company also needed an audit report of all attendance records for contract compliance purposes. The company did not want the hassle of IT support, training overhead and ongoing maintenance of installing Apps on the employee phones. Also, some of the facilities they managed provided a landline and while others did not. The company was looking for a device agnostic, 'app less' time clocking automation solution which could work using both cell phones and landlines (IVR) to verify and report the time and attendance of their workforce.

Business Solution

The customer was able to use myGeoTracking to implement two processes for automated time clocking:

  • A simple text based check-in, check-out time clocking solution for employees that did not have landline at their work facilities. Using this approach, the contract crew are able to check-in and check-out using simple text messages. These text messages are stamped with GPS co-ordinates of the employee at that time. The system is also setup to send text alerts to managers for each check-in and check-out activity.
  • For facilities with landlines, the crew members use myGeoTracking IVR based check-in and check-out solution by calling into an assigned account phone number which prompts each crew member to enter their unique employee ID and guides them through different stages like check-in/ check-out/ break etc. and records their activities. The system is then setup to do a double verification of the worker's location by correlating both the address of the landline and the individual crew member's cell phone location to make sure there was no 'buddy check-ins' going on.
  • Using both IVR (from landline) and text based time-clocking, the cloud-hosted myGeoTracking system records all the vital information like job start time, end time and the total hours of service of the employees for back-office payroll purposes. The system also sends out a daily audit report with location history details to the managers for verification and compliance.


  • The Company is able to comply with their contract requirements without making any changes to their BYOD policy for their contingent workforce.
  • Simple to use, error-proof time clocking automation solution for their contract workforce that works across all carriers and cell phones.
  • Offers a combination of IVR and text based check-in and check-out.
  • Higher worker accountability and improved productivity.
  • Improved payroll management with significant reductions in payroll costs.
  • No IT overhead and training cost for the contract workforce.

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