myGeoTracking Maximizing Team Productivity

Healthcare Staffing Company Case Study

Company Profile

The customer is a leading full service staffing solutions provider throughout the Midwest and East Coast in Information Technology, Engineering, Health care, Accounting / Finance and Professional Services.

For this project, the company delivers Healthcare IT solutions and Nurse Care Management (clinical and non-clinical) for their Insurance Client.

Business Challenge

The company recruits and manages a team of caregivers on behalf of their Healthcare Insurance clients and needed a service to help comply with the HHS / ACA regulations. The company was looking for a solution that could allow caregivers to log their time and field activities in real-time and send updates via their mobile devices. The caregivers are required to visit certain areas where their safety could be a concern. In order to handle this, the company needed to have a good handle on the employee whereabouts during patient visits and have periodic safety checks and exception monitoring alerts in place.

The customer was also aiming to gather real-time data from the field operations and use it to promote payroll savings, and operations improvements. They need to measure and improve the performance by optimizing site visits scheduled compared to visits completed so as to win more projects from their State and Private clients..

Business Solution

myGeoTracking implemented and deployed a highly customized SaaS and mobile phone solution in a matter of days. The solution includes a customized mobile app on the caregivers phones (the myGeoTracking Agent App) with workflow-specific labels: Start Day, Start Patient Visit, End Patient Visit, End Day, Break - allowing caregivers to record activities in real-time. On top of recording these pre-defined stages, the RN / Caregiver could also attach geotagged notes about their visit. This was combined with a rules based Messaging service where the system would periodically send out ‘is all ok?’ alerts and automatically process incoming responses to detect any exceptions (i.e. missed replies).

The automation around field activities included:

  • Real-time email notifications to Operations Managers based on activities in the field e.g. when caregivers 'Start day' or 'End day'
  • Automatic Safety Status check via SMS or In-app messages to caregivers about 10 mins into their 'visit'.
  • Exception alerts to Managers in-case of no response received from Caregivers indicating the precise location of the RN and the potential safety Emergency.
  • Logging of all these activities to create proper audit Reports.
  • Logging of all the addresses visited. This automatic, geotagged job-site visit report would then be compared with expected patient visits.

myGeoTracking's custom reporting capability helps the company:

  • Setup reports to measure full day shift hours, individual visit hours, miles driven, commute hours etc.
  • Automatically create Geofences around visited sites and use it to compare with expected patient site visits for compliance with the project SLA


  • Comply with the HHS / ACA regulations
  • Monitor and ensure caregivers' safety and quickly detect & respond to any threats
  • Payroll friendly reporting & cost savings per employee including mileage calculations & commute time
  • Custom reports to help with audit records (of all work done) in the field for compliance with client SLA
  • Gather field data with always-on location tracking, geotagged notes, attendance records, scheduled & emergency responses, job dispatches etc. to improve Operations planning and productivity (e.g. increasing number of patients visited per day)

myGeoTracking from Abaqus, Inc., provides a carrier grade, cloud-based location & messaging platform which enables highquality, low-cost solutions for mobile workforce management, mobile asset tracking and geo-tagged smart messaging on any mobile device.