Track & Trace Brokered Loads in Real-Time

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Track Brokered Loads. Get Automatic Location & ETA Updates!

  • Real-time load visibility. Avoid check calls
  • Automatic delay or stoppage alerts
  • Periodic location, status and ETA updates via email and or text to you and customers
  • GPS-Tagged Photographs for Proof-of-delivery(POD) and verification from any Driver’s Phone. No App.
  • Fine-grained privacy management - supports ad-hoc driver provisioning
  • Requires no app or data plan on drivers' phones
  • Software as a Service: Pay per Load. No upfront costs or long term contracts

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Works on All Phones

myGeoTracking Integrates with All Leading Payroll Systems

  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • GPS Time Clock
  • Load Tracking

Visualization Dashboard. Geo-fencing & Rules Engine. Workforce Analytics & Insights

Unique 'Zero Touch' Time Clock Solution

'Zero Touch' Time Clock Solution provides automatic GPS time & attendance records from job-sites for payroll. Low hassle feature, requires NO training for employees.

Freedom to Employees

myGeoTracking offers various options for the end user / employees to record their time. Choose from App based time clock using 'Zero Touch' or Manual time clock or No App service with Simple text or IVR based GPS time clocking with strong privacy controls for employees.

Smart Reminders

Automatic text reminders based on people, place and time to remind your employees (and or you) when they forget to clock in or out, or when they are running late

Custom Notes from Field

Employees can input unlimited free form notes against customers and jobs. These notes will be reflected in time clock report for that employee against the customer and or the task performed. The service also allows cost effective desktop & mobile based messaging for communication and dispatch.

Integrate with Payrolls systems

Generate daily activity, time and attendance reports with a single click integration into Quickbooks and other payroll systems.

Strong Privay Controls

Strong privacy controls with support for complex rules based on work schedule and organization workgroups. Example: tracking only during work hours etc. Get audit reports for privacy compliance.