Mobile Time Clock For Construction and Field Service

Fill out your day-to-day | Forms on Mobile Phones

Mobile GPS Time Punching

Manual Punch In/Out using
Mobile App

“No-App” Solution :
Geo-tagged Clock-in/out using Text or IVR

Automate Punch In/Out with

No Buddy Punching: Geo Tagged Punch In/Out with picture upload to avoid proxies

Advanced Time Tracking Features

  • Zero-Touch Geofence Time Clock: Job-site Geofence based automatic clock in and clock out with alerts and reminders

  • Location Restricted Clock-in/out: Define from where your employees can Clock In/Out by setting up a geographical perimeter

  • Crew Check-in: Set up managers and crew to enable crew check-in via manual time clock options.

  • Contextual Alerts & Reminders: Set up alerts and reminders for Late Arrival and Early Departure, Not-Clocked-in or App turned Off, etc

  • Field Data Collection: Capture more information using Notes, Tasks, Forms, Pictures, Signature, Scan and more!

  • Works Offline: Support in remote areas with No or poor connectivity. You’ll never miss a check-in!

  • Over-time and Billable Hours: Easily calculate Employees’ work Hours including Over-Time.

  • Geo-Tagged Communication: Communicate with mobile employees in real-time via SMS, Email or App

Job Site Geofencing for Automatic Time & Attendance

Setup “always-on” automatic GPS Tracking during work-hours and worksite geofencing to monitor site attendance. Automate alerts for exception involving people, place, and time (ex: late arrival, departed early, etc.).

The geofence time clock is “Zero Touch” (low hassle) and requires no training for employees. Strong privacy controls ensure GPS tracking “only” during work hours.

Automate Field Operations using Smart Workflows

Level up field operations and automate business workflow using customizable IFTTT (If-this-then-that) rules engine. Generate real-time alerts, notifications, and reports based on any event/exception involving people, place, and time (ex: late arrival, departed early, etc.).

Integrate with All Leading Back-Office Systems

Feed collected mobile form data to your choice of ERP, CRM, HRM & SCM system with myGeoTracking API for
all payroll & auditing needs.

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