Property & Facility Management Company

QR Codes & Picture Based Solution for Property Maintenance co.

Company Profile

A Global Property Maintenance Company that offers specialized real estate, property and facility management services for clients. On behalf of its clients, the firm provides facility management and real estate outsourcing services for a property portfolio of 4.0 billion square feet. The company has more than 230 corporate offices, operates in 80 countries and has a global workforce of approximately 60,000.

Business Challenge

The company manages multiple large properties at different locations across United States,that has dedicated teams of care takers, cleaning staff and quality inspectors who carry out different custodial and inspection tasks across the faciity (indoors and outdoors). The quality inspectors are responsible for the SLAs and tasked with monitoring, reviewing and reporting on all field crew activities.

The crew works round the clock with each staff, including the inspectors, on specific shifts & timings. The company was looking to dramatically improve its operations with accurate recording of activities on site, rapid response to emergency issues and improving the overall quality of service to its clients. The company also wanted to ensure that proper privacy controls were put in place for its employees. The company needed tool to record work hours and verify attendance without intruding on employee's privacy. And, this tool was also to be used by their team of inspectors to take notes and capture data (scans, photographs etc) from on their routine inspection and log their visits.

Business Solution

myGeoTracking implemented a QR & picture based solution for field data capture by provisioning a lite myGeoTracking Agent app on the members smartphone. And the cloud-hosted myGeoTracking system was setup with the geo-zones around each of the different properties the staffs managed. Also, the members were grouped according to the team based on the facility they managed. At the time of deployment, the supervisory team prepared a set of QR codes that were attached the specified work locations within the facility.

And, lastly, the day-to-day activities of the inspectors are added as 'Tasks' and setup in the back-end, example: Audit, Observation, Inspection etc


  • Time & Attendance
    Using the myGeoTracking Agent App, the crew scans the QR codes at their work location and clock-in & clock-out to record their time and the back-end system then sends out the time & attendance reports that used for payroll, verification & billing.
  • Field Data Capture
    The inspectors use the myGeoTracking agent app on their phones to record their observation and notes along with additional data captured in the form of QR scans & pictures for records, verification and proof. The inspectors just select their regular activity from the 'Tasks' pick-list recording their data & notes, example: Audit, Observation, Inspection etc
  • Privacy & Safety
    The system is customized with powerful rules to accommodate complex privacy, safety monitoring & alert settings via the IFTTT (If this then that) based automation templates - example, the system is setup to automatically stop tracking when the user leaves the premise of the geo-fenced property. The system is setup to raise a series of alerts & escalations when an employee texts '911' via text or in-app message as a part of the monitoring safety.
  • Analytics & Reporting
    The system collects all the data and sends out daily, weekly reports the managers & analysts. The reports include - time & attendance, custom scans notes reports etc that segregated with identifiers for automated data modelling, thus helping in improvements & improved process planning
  • Productivity
    • Powerful data capture resulted custom analytics & reporting
    • Payroll automation and improved process management with significant reductions in payroll costs
    • Improved employee accountability and productivity
    • Critical workforce data aggregation, pattern interpretation helps with cost savings and productivity

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