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myGeoTracking Enhances its Intelligent Mobile Forms for Automation of Field Service Workflows

Customize and Automate your Field Service Workflows. Create Custom Forms, Collect Field Data using Mobile Phones and Tablets, Get Real-time Alerts based on Field Events and Data rules. Analyze and Integrate Data with any backend Business Software.

Palo Alto CA, March 23 2018


Abaqus, Inc., a provider of the first-of-a-kind myGeoTracking cloud-hosted field service automation platform, has enhanced its field data collection and events monitoring solution that lets employees gather a range of data in the field (including forms, photos, signatures and scans) and create real-time alerts for respective departments based on data collected. Data can also be analysed and integrated with custom backend software systems.

In addition to capturing field data via any mobile device (such as customer visit results or inspection reports), this feature can improve safety and productivity by quickly alerting management when further actions are needed.

“We’re absolutely impressed with how myGeoTracking helps us gather information about our automobile dealership visits and updates our back-office in real-time based on custom business rules.” said Alan Magga, CEO of Quadseal. “For example, an employee can fill out an accident report or inspection checklist which gets routed to Operations managers in real-time. If a proposal or order-sheet form is filled out, the report is redirected to the sales office and a message is sent to our Director of Sales. When an employee fills out a salary-change-request or a termination form, it gets routed to HR immediately. All this automation shaves off hours from our daily field operations which directly impacts our revenue and boosts employee well-being. Furthermore, not only does this keep things flowing but it boosts the quality and integrity of service we provide to our auto dealership customers.

“myGeoTracking continues to extend its automation platform by focusing on ease of field data collection, real-time monitoring of field events and custom alerts based on these events. Mobile forms create an unlimited capacity for field data collection. Field data can be validated in real-time, trigger alerts based on business rules and route the data to a suite of back-office software systems to facilitate key business operations such as HR and Payroll, Customer Support, Security center, Sales, Operations etc. ,” said Shailendra Jain, CEO of Abaqus, Inc. “For example, if an equipment inspector logs data from a boiler system, and the recorded temperature or pressure is too high, our system can send alert messages to Operations and Helpdesk for immediate action.”


About Abaqus Inc, Inc., based in Silicon Valley, CA, is a leading provider of cloud-hosted, carrier grade field service automation platform which helps SMB and Enterprise businesses better manage their mobile employees and assets, improving productivity and accountability, while reducing payroll and operations costs. The myGeoTracking platform enables automation solutions across a wide range of industries, from mobile field force companies, trade services companies, emergency responders and healthcare providers, to 3PL, transportation and freight brokering companies seeking driver and load management solutions and USPS contract support -- without any impact on their devices, service plans, or cell phone costs.

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