myGeoTracking Maximizing Team Productivity

Apartment Rental Assistance Inc Case Study

Company Profile

Apartment Rental Assistance Inc, a premier apartment rentals and properties maintenance company that manages multiple properties across the country. ARA Inc., employs local crew for building maintenance and security services.

Business Challenge

The company owns and maintains multiple properties across the country and employs local crew that is responsible for building maintenance & security services. The company was finding it difficult to record work hours, accurately verify employee's attendance at job-sites and get exception alerts in real time. The company needed a system that could continuously monitor personnel and job site events in the field and automatically send alerts & updates to local managers and HQ. The company also needed an audit trail report to identify hours spent on properties, off-site during job runs to local parts stores etc.

The Company was looking for a location & messaging based solution for mobile workforce management to improve accountability & productivity and cut down on payroll 'slippage'.

Business Solution

myGeoTracking implemented the 'zero-touch' mobile time tracking solutions by provisioning a lite myGeoTracking Agent™ app on the crew member's smartphone combined with geofencing of property sites to automatically record each employee’s time and attendance at the facilities and job sites. The cloud-hosted myGeoTracking system was setup to automate this entire workflow with minimal training and impact on the field employees. The entire provisioning (of job sites and employees phones) was completed in a few hours per site. On an ongoing basis, updates to the geofenced job sites can be made in minutes.  All of this was done across multiple time zones and different types of phones (iPhones, Android and flip phones).

The myGeoTracking system is programmed to record basic hours of work and send automatic alerts when a crew member is running late or has arrived early or simply has a longer-then-intended stay at at certain sites (such as parts stores).

The system also sends out a a daily / weekly report with time breakdown and location history details to local managers & HQ for audit and payroll purposes.

The myGeoTracking system maintains strong privacy controls (coordinate with HR, get user's consent, log location data only during work hours). The systems is also setup to send gentle reminders to users to turn on the App if it is not running during work hours or the battery is running low. The app is able to locally store work logs in case of poor network connectivity and upload when connectivity is restored.


  • Highly customized rules & alerts based on real-world events
  • Powerful indoors / outdoors location app and in-App & SMS messages.
  • Improved employee accountability and productivity
  • Improved payroll management with significant reductions in payroll costs
  • Better plan operation based on live event in the field
  • No training or learning curve hassles for the crew members, 'zero-touch' solution.
  • Works on Android, iPhone and Feature Phones.
  • Visualize mobile personnel and job sites in real time to help with Operational decision making.

Lost productivity is one of the biggest problems I face with managing 750 employees. By implementing the myGeoTracking system, the employees are aware that there is a sense of urgency in their workday and they're encouraged not to be counterproductive. We anticipate, when fully implemented, that each employee will increase 30 to 40 minutes per day at least in productivity.

— Marc Menowitz, President, Apartment Rental Assistance Inc.

myGeoTracking from Abaqus, Inc., provides a carrier grade, cloud-based location & messaging platform which enables high quality, low-cost solutions for mobile workforce management, mobile asset tracking and geo-tagged smart messaging on any mobile device.