BYOD Employee Privacy

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) employee privacy is getting more attention as more and more employees are using their own mobile devices to run various applications deemed secure by company IT departments. Employees can now view their company emails and documents on their own devices making it more convenient for them. But at the same time they are giving up some level of control to employers who can track and monitor their usage during work hours.

The myGeoTracking service features unparalleled BYOD employee privacy controls, providing the benefits of mobile workforce management to both employees and employers. The myGeoTracking service is CTIA ( approved, certified by all major telecom carriers and compliant with MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) carrier guidelines for privacy standards.

Strong privacy controls ensures:

  • Tracking only during scheduled work hours
  • Customizable tracking schedules for each employees / driver or groups
  • On-Demand opt-in and opt-out ability. Suits any contingent or temporary workforce such as contract drivers, independent owner-operator drivers, retail sales reps, seasonal trade labor and temp operations staff et al.

With strong BYOD employee privacy, myGeoTracking enables employers to deploy permission based monitoring during work hours while providing employees with the capability to manage their hours. myGeoTracking can provide best practice guidelines to HR departments preparing to deploy mobile workforce management solutions.

myGeoTracking can be deployed for applications such as load tracking , property management , delivery & dispatch , USPS contract compliance, sales rep management and field operations .