Proof of Delivery with GPS-Tagged Photo Messaging

Proof of Delivery from any Driver’s Phone using myGeoTracking Load Tracking Service Load Tracking & Verification of Load Delivery are two of the most important responsibilities for a Shipper,  Freight Broker and 3PL Company.  These businesses stake their reputation on their ability to get the right goods to their customers, on time and in good… Read More »

What’s Wrong with Manual TimeClocking

While speaking with customers who currently use a manual time-clocking service, we often hear the comment  ‘It’s a good service but not a great service.’  The customers usually zero in on these 3 problems: People clocking in from the wrong place People clocking in and leaving People just plain forgetting to use the App to… Read More »

3 Key Enablers for Improving Team Productivity in the Field

Managing your Operations team in the field is all about People, Places & their Phones – the 3 Ps of our Workforce Management Platform. The 1st P — About Phones:   A modern day phone is a veritable super computer with over 10 sensors ranging from GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Image, Light Sensor, Proximity, NFC, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and more.  These sensors detect… Read More »

Mobile Time Clock: Manual vs Automatic

Any business looking for a mobile time clock solution will find many companies offering solutions for field employees to clock in and clock out using their mobile App. This requires employees to manually clock in using their Apps at the right time so that time and attendance information is accurately captured. For field employees who… Read More »

Balancing Employee Privacy with Business Productivity

Monitoring & Tracking your field employees during work hours can be effective but challenging to implement. On one hand employees have a right to their privacy. On the other hand businesses also have a responsibility to maximize productivity and efficiency for all stake holders i.e. customers, employees, vendors etc. During work hours it is critical… Read More »

Improving Operations Efficiency with Freight Broker Software

John Huggins, Vice President of Sales at FX Logistics says that freight broker software makes his organization’s communication with drivers much more efficient as it reduces the routine calls to the trucks by almost half, and that alone enables their traffic personnel to concentrate on potential exceptions before they become exceptions. Freight brokers spend a… Read More »

New Way to Do Business for Load Brokers

A new way to do business for fleet managers and load brokers with innovative cloud-based technology? We seem to be at the beginning of a new trend in the trucking industry. Freight brokerage software technology for load tracking using drivers cell-phones makes it a lot easier and hassle free to track loads from their source… Read More »

The Untapped Profit Center – Your Own Mobile Employees

When you’re reading up on management tips and tricks on how to improve your business, you often run into people declaring new profit centers, or ROI centers, for businesses like yours. But you don’t have to look far to rediscover your most valuable profit center – your *own* mobile employees.

Versatile and Powerful Cloud-Based Location & Messaging Platform Can Make a Difference for Your Business

Business needs seem to be ever changing – from evolving customer requirements to changing workforce devices and technologies. Businesses need mobile solutions and platforms that are versatile and can be easily adapted to their unique needs with minimal impact to back-office / IT support staff, optimal reuse of existing investments in devices & infrastructure, and… Read More »

myGeoTracking: Mobile Workforce Management & Optimization Service

myGeoTracking is a hosted location & messaging platform for solutions such as Mobile Resource Management & Optimization. The platform is used to enable location monitoring and messaging to any field deployed asset without needing any apps, data plan or special devices. myGeoTracking solutions can be employed in industries such Transportation, Government, Healthcare, Construction, and for… Read More »