Beware the Free App for Your Business – You’ll Get What You Pay For

Beware the Free App for Your Business – You’ll Get What You Pay For

The easiest way to start enhancing your business’ bottom line is to put the right mobile employee management tools into place. Businesses that implement the right tools can save and earn tens of thousands per employee per year in payroll and opex cost savings and productivity increases. However, navigating through the maze of solutions being offered today can be quite a challenge for both small and large businesses alike.

When choosing a solution, price isn’t everything. It’s good to keep a few key things in mind – your company’s goals and needs (including regulatory and contract compliance, auditing & liability issues, back office needs, etc.), the system’s capabilities and available customer support. So in this blog we’ve set out to review the capabilities of the “Free” location tracking or time-keeping App and why the fail to live up to the expectations of businesses that are trying to adopt a solution to increase earnings. Continue reading

Proof of Delivery with GPS-Tagged Photo Messaging

Proof of Delivery from any Driver’s Phone using myGeoTracking Load Tracking Service

Load Tracking & Verification of Load Delivery are two of the most important responsibilities for a Shipper,  Freight Broker and 3PL Company.  These businesses stake their reputation on their ability to get the right goods to their customers, on time and in good condition.

Tracking & documenting delivery, while combatting driver identity and load theft,  has become critical in this highly competitive industry.  The myGeoTracking Load Tracking Solution offers Proof-of-Delivery over any mobile phone as part of an end-to-end (mobile & web) solution that can be essential for operations improvement and happy customers.

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What’s Wrong with Manual TimeClocking

While speaking with customers who currently use a manual time-clocking service, we often hear the comment  ‘It’s a good service but not a great service.’  The customers usually zero in on these 3 problems:

  1. People clocking in from the wrong place
  2. People clocking in and leaving
  3. People just plain forgetting to use the App to manually clock-in and clock-out

We believe automatic time-clocking with geofencing around job sites and sensor data (GPS, Wifi, BLE etc.) from the employee’s smartphone may provide a better, error-proof alternative to address this use case.  Systems that make use of physical location-awareness combined with powerful phone sensors can provide true zero-touch app experience for the field employees while maintaining solid audit records of attendance for payroll processing.


3 Key Enablers for Improving Team Productivity in the Field

Managing your Operations team in the field is all about People, Places & their Phones – the 3 Ps of our Workforce Management Platform.

The 1st P — About Phones:   A modern day phone is a veritable super computer with over 10 sensors ranging from GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Image, Light Sensor, Proximity, NFC, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and more.  These sensors detect activities in and around the phone to provide a range of data that can be used for context-aware services.   myGeoTracking works with a handful of these sensors (GPS, WiFi, Image) to provide highly accurate, battery-efficient indoors / outdoors location data and job-status updates from the field.   In addition, our app works with the native messaging capabilities of the phone to support 2-way communication using Text & in-App messaging.  Besides using these native sensors, myGeoTracking has tightly integrated with a wide range of telecom operator’s APIs and Web APIs to address the modern business workforce workflow needs. Continue reading

Evolution of the Time-Sheet and How It can be Used to Track More than Just Time

Time sheets, what was known as time books back in the19th century has been the way for employers to track worker’s time spent on various jobs. Traditionally, what was a mere sheet of paper with marked columns or tables, has now evolved into digital templates that can be stored and shared via worker’s phones using time sheet software and apps.

If you are still using paper time sheets, or a premise (read primitive) based punch-in system you should probably consider upgrading to the electronic time sheets software for your employee time tracking process. Here is why:

Helps avoid payroll ‘slippage’:
Payroll ‘slippage’ is a well known thing. But did you know, it is estimated that most mobile businesses lose an average of 6.1% in payroll “slippage” (inaccurate claims) and fraudulent claims every year (that’s excluding mileage). So chances are, your business is too. Continue reading

Mobile Time Clock: Manual vs Automatic

Any business looking for a mobile time clock solution will find many companies offering solutions for field employees to clock in and clock out using their mobile App. This requires employees to manually clock in using their Apps at the right time so that time and attendance information is accurately captured.

For field employees who clock in and out using their Apps, it is a tough ask to have them remember to do this every time they start or finish a job, especially when they are visiting many sites in the field every day. One mistake can mess up the estimation of the time they spent at a job rendering the whole time and attendance process ineffective. Continue reading

Shipping Delivery & Logistics Providers Face the Ultimate Challenge this Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again! FedEx says it expects deliveries between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve to rise 8.8 percent over last year, to 290 million. Similarly, UPS is anticipating an 11 percent increase in shipments over 2013.FedEx plans to hire 50,000 seasonal workers, up from 40,000 last year. UPS says it will add as many as 95,000, up from 85,000.

Last year, over 1.2 million express packages handled by UPS and over 600,000 carried by FedEx failed to get delivered on time by Christmas day. Its clear that the delivery and logistics challenge is massive.

So how can the delivery industry better manage their resources to address the growing demand, while being flexible enough to real-time issues and disruptions in the field? Continue reading

Balancing Employee Privacy with Business Productivity

Monitoring & Tracking your field employees during work hours can be effective but challenging to implement. On one hand employees have a right to their privacy. On the other hand businesses also have a responsibility to maximize productivity and efficiency for all stake holders i.e. customers, employees, vendors etc. During work hours it is critical for businesses to improve the performance of employees who are in the field performing vital tasks such as field customer service, freight deliveries, property management and emergency response etc.

As the article titled “Top 4 Reasons It’s Appropriate to Track Mobile Workers” by NetMotion Wireless explains, there are many reasons why businesses need to track mobile employees. They all have one thing in common. They all seek to improve some aspect of business operations in one way or the other. It could be enhancing security & privacy, better mobile team & asset management or assessing the effectiveness of mobile devices in the field. Office employees have always had to deal with such corporate policies when accessing emails, websites and attendance-logging. Similar policies now need to be enhanced and extended to include field employees who are 80% of their time outside the confines of the corporate offices at job sites using 3rd party networks and BYOD phones. Continue reading

Improving Operations Efficiency with Freight Broker Software

John Huggins, Vice President of Sales at FX Logistics says that freight broker software makes his organization’s communication with drivers much more efficient as it reduces the routine calls to the trucks by almost half, and that alone enables their traffic personnel to concentrate on potential exceptions before they become exceptions.

Freight brokers spend a significant amount of time communicating with drivers via check calls. A major benefit of using freight broker software for load tracking is the amount of communication it eliminates freeing up their organization to address other pressing challenges such as assigning & monitoring field activities in real-time, checking if load deliveries are being completed as expected and maximizing field operations efficiency. Continue reading

Realizing the Elusive Goal of Automatic Time Clocking with Strict Privacy Controls

Every day, millions of contract and temp workers turn in their time cards to finance departments. Some employers deploy a more elaborate on-site time-card processing machines. Needless to say, this approach does not scale very easily. Another new class of time-clocking solutions are emerging where employees clock in and clock out manually on a time card app on their mobile phone or on their computers. This process still involves significant manual interaction on the part of the employee and is therefore prone to errors and inaccuracy. For e.g. Employees may forget to clock in or clock out when they go to lunch or in the evening when they get off, there by leading to unintended errors that easily can end up costing organizations millions of dollars. Continue reading

Managing Your All Important Contract Workforce Efficiently Requires a New Approach.

A contract workforce gives you the flexibility to expand and contract your workforce based on your business needs. But when employees are constantly added and removed from your workforce, it can be a challenge to manage this process efficiently since it touches many divisions within the company, from Operations to IT to Finance. Continue reading

Improving Customer Service is Vital to Field Service Organizations

Customer service is a critical core competence that many field service organizations have to master. It can very often determine the success or failure of the company. Customer service is not something that organizations with a mobile workforce can learn overnight but is a collective skill that is honed with proper use of mobile devices and software tools over a period of time. Learning about what works in the field when solving customer problems is a challenge that many organizations face today. The organization that uses the best of mobile devices and software tools stands to gain a vital edge in competitive markets where differentiation is paramount. Continue reading

Versatile and Powerful Cloud-Based Location & Messaging Platform Can Make a Difference for Your Business

Business needs seem to be ever changing – from evolving customer requirements to changing workforce devices and technologies. Businesses need mobile solutions and platforms that are versatile and can be easily adapted to their unique needs with minimal impact to back-office / IT support staff, optimal reuse of existing investments in devices & infrastructure, and no downtime for mobile employees in the field. Continue reading

Improving Payroll Efficiency in Mobile Workforce Management

It’s that time of the week when you find yourself helplessly in the middle of the off-site employee time sheets that are all over the place, difficult to read, verify, calculate and process. And with all the management and business demands you face you’re probably in a hurry to just get it over with – week in, week out!

It is estimated that a most mobile businesses lose an average of 6.1% in payroll “slippage” (inaccurate claims) and fraudulent claims every year (that’s excluding mileage), chances are your business is too. Continue reading

Geofence and Location Tagged SMS

Setting Up a Geofence is as easy as drawing on a map. A Geofence is a virtual boundary of a predefined area of interest that is marked on a map. This can be your Retail Store, Warehouse, Construction Site, or even your popular Customer Place. With myGeoTracking, you can to set up any number of Geofences on a map and then get location-stamped reports and alerts when your employees and assets ‘Check-in’ and ‘Check-out’ using standard SMS.

myGeoTracking: Mobile Workforce Management & Optimization Service

myGeoTracking is a hosted location & messaging platform for solutions such as Mobile Resource Management & Optimization.

The platform is used to enable location monitoring and messaging to any field deployed asset without needing any apps, data plan or special devices. myGeoTracking solutions can be employed in industries such Transportation, Government, Healthcare, Construction, and for Small-to-Medium sized businesses with field services personnel and assets. It can also be employed by end-users with vehicle, family tracking needs. myGeoTracking delivers this service as a hosted solution with no end user apps and provisioning on the client devices, thus greatly reducing the total-cost-of-ownership for the end customers. Continue reading