Ohio EVV Requirements: What Do They Mean for Healthcare Providers?

What is Electronic Visit Verification? The 21st Century Cures Act, passed in December of 2016, encouraged reform and supplementation in multiple aspects of healthcare practices. One component of this act is the need for all Medicaid personal and home health care providers to implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) by 2019. The Federal EVV mandate requires… Read More »

Using Your Cellphone to Combat Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers

In the peak of the hot summer season, The Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) is reminding affected businesses and their employees of their continuing campaign to combat heat illness for outdoor workers. In educating employers on the guidelines in place, employees experience a lesser chance of suffering from harsh outdoor work environments. The following… Read More »

Simplifying OSHA Field Worker Compliance

As the scope of work and their supporting technologies are expanding, field employees are becoming an increasingly important component of work in a number of industries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) strictly enforces a number of laws to protect the safety of field and lone workers. Apart from OSHA, some States also enforce… Read More »

Ensure Accountability While Respecting Employee Privacy

Over the last decade, evolving methods of GPS technology and location based services (LBS) have increasingly allowed businesses and employers to use Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies to track their field employees. When GPS was first incorporated into business operations, a physical hardware (a wired GPS device) was primarily limited to tracking assets: machinery, vehicles,… Read More »

Geofencing 101: A Primer on Field Service Automation

If you have a team of mobile employees, it’s likely that you’re acquainted with the term “geofencing”.  If not, this post will reveal a secret tool that can help automate your field service operations and improve overall workforce productivity for your business. What is Geofencing? Geofence in a virtual perimeter/boundary (a fence) around a particular… Read More »

EVV System for In-Home Care Providers

In December 2016, President Obama signed a new law. This law is designed to inject higher efficiency, drive cost reduction and improve care quality to the personal care and home healthcare industry. The 21st Century Cures Act is aimed at streamlining the U.S. healthcare industry by increasing efficiency and improving the quality of care to… Read More »

The Best Way to Capture Customer Signatures in the Field

There are really only two ways to capture signatures in the field: on paper or digitally.  Technology has made both of these methods quite simple but is one way better than the other? Capturing Customer Signatures on Paper A pen and paper is a tried and true way to receive a customer’s signature.  When the… Read More »

The 3 Ways Mobile Time Clock Saves Your Company Time

You know better than anybody else how important it is to keep track of your valuable time.  That way, you can spend more time on high value tasks and minimize your time spent on low value tasks.  Implementing a feature such as mobile time clock with GPS will allow you to save time in three… Read More »

Mobile workforce management: Finding your Ideal Solution

Mobile workforce management: finding your ideal solution For a big chunk of the corporate world, distributed teams are quickly becoming a new and uncomfortable reality of work. As a result, mobile workforce management solutions have experienced some technological advances thanks in part to smartphones and GPS tracking.  For companies with mobile workforce –  like in… Read More »

USPS To Require its Mail Contractors to Adopt Just-in-Time Style Delivery Services

Observations from the National Star Route Meeting in Las Vegas, Jan 19-20 The USPS announced a new cost savings initiative for Surface Transportation operations at the recent National Star Route Mail Contractor’s Association meeting on January 19-20. The USPS is under competitive pressure from UPS and FedEx and others, and needs to reduce operations costs… Read More »

ROI for Transportation & Logistics

myGeoTracking for Transportation & Logistics The Untapped Profit Center – Your Supply Chain Operations You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and earn thousands more, by using the myGeoTracking Mobile & Cloud based solution to help you better manage your Transportation & Logistics Operations. What to Look For In the modern day of smartphones… Read More »

Geofencing and QR Code used to enhance Time-Clocking, Workforce Monitoring and Field Status Updates

Introduction myGeoTracking Mobile App allows users to record time & attendance within Geofenced job sites.  The app also supports GPS-tagged QR Codes for time-clocking inside bigger indoor venues alongwith workforce accountability tracking and automation Setting up the Job sites The Company’s operations managers can use various web tools to create QR codes for their job… Read More »