Migrating to a Fully Mobile Workforce Model

If your company’s business requires that you have mobile workers out of the office serving customer and company needs, there’s a range of app-based and cloud-based mobility tools to help them be more productive during their work day. But it’s also more than likely that their managers are also mobile and on the road – and there we have a different story, with few tools aimed at helping field managers stay on top of things. It’s pretty common that the apps and services that let you locate, message and manage your field teams only let you do so from your desktop or laptop, which doesn’t help your field managers that much.

myGeoTracking solves this through a combination of cloud-based field team location and mobile manager tools for a true mobile management solution. This approach provides the benefits of both worlds

For mobile workers: Cloud-based location

For mobile managers (who are themselves in the field and need mobile tools): A mobile management app

So when you’re looking for a workforce management solution, make sure to see what tools your managers get access to as part of the service. They should not have to run into a café and log-into the web from their mac or PC to visualize their field team’s activities.