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Why are we allGeo?

Why are we allGeo? We are proud to announce the re-branding of our platform –  ‘myGeoTracking’ is now ‘allGeo.’ In the past few years, we have grown rapidly to over fifty-thousand users!  We have also evolved our offering from a point solution for tracking & time clocking to a full-stack platform that offers a wide… Read More »

Texas EVV Requirements

What is Electronic Visit Verification? The 21st Century Cures Act, passed in December of 2016, encouraged reform and supplementation in multiple aspects of health-care practices. One component of this act is the need for all Medicaid personal and home health-care providers to implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) by January 1, 2019. Failure to meet this… Read More »

Ensure Accountability While Respecting Employee Privacy

Over the last decade, evolving methods of GPS technology and location-based services (LBS) have increasingly allowed businesses and employers to use Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies to track their field employees. When GPS was first incorporated into business operations, physical hardware (a wired GPS device) was primarily limited to tracking assets: machinery, vehicles, and loads,… Read More »

Geofencing and QR Code used to enhance Time-Clocking, Workforce Monitoring and Field Status Updates

Introduction allGeo Mobile App (previously known as myGeoTracking Agent app) allows users to record time & attendance within Geofenced job sites.  The app also supports GPS-tagged QR Codes for time-clocking inside bigger indoor venues along with workforce accountability tracking and automation Setting up the Job sites The Company’s operations managers can use various web tools… Read More »