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Why You Need a 360 Degree Platform for Your Field Operations?

Field service professionals use multiple platforms throughout their workday to fulfill their to-do list. These platforms and practices transcend manual data entry and form scribbling to include mobile phones and computers. In the process of navigating between different technologies, applications, and storage units, field employees lose a notable amount of productivity. Balancing the different systems… Read More »

Best Practices: Introducing GPS Based Time Tracking Policy For Your Company

Employee GPS tracking is becoming more common in workplaces. With the improvement of SatNav systems and the increased use of smartphones, many businesses have adopted GPS tracking system to track their employees in order to monitor their work throughout their hours of service. Over the last few years, the cost involving installation of tracking software… Read More »

4 Ways to Boost Sales Rep Productivity using Mobile Forms

Sales and support reps in a variety of industries, such as wholesale distribution, manufacturing, or consumer surveys have traditionally been using paper forms to record their field activities, e.g. sales disposition forms, dealership enquiry form, work order forms, and customer survey forms.  Some of these users are also using digital variations of these forms, PDFs… Read More »

Reduce Fraud and Improve Compliance with Mobile Technology

According to a report by OIG in 2016, nearly 5% of Home Healthcare Providers (about 500 agencies in the US) are at potential risk of failing due to compliance and fraudulent activities in their Billing processes. Government agencies are putting increased scrutiny on Providers’ billing practices in order to improve compliance, reduce human errors and… Read More »

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Stop Relying on Paper Forms

Increasing access to advancing mobile technologies has given business owners in nearly every industry unprecedented ability to automate tasks that were once difficult and time-consuming. As business owners embrace these simpler replacements, one aspect of business affairs that continues to be practiced in an archaic fashion is the use of paper forms. The use of… Read More »

Use Mobile Forms to Collect Customized Field Data

Mobile applications now have the ability to efficiently improve your business’ field service operations by simplifying the collection of data in the field. Modern Software solutions are able to completely replace paper-based forms with digital forms accessible via smartphone app in any working condition. One of the greatest advantages that mobile solutions offer is the… Read More »

Using Your Cellphone to Combat Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers

In the peak of the hot summer season, The Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) is reminding affected businesses and their employees of their continuing campaign to combat heat illness for outdoor workers. In educating employers on the guidelines in place, employees experience a lesser chance of suffering from harsh outdoor work environments. The following… Read More »

Geofencing 101: A Primer on Field Service Automation

If you have a team of mobile employees, it’s likely that you’re acquainted with the term “geofencing”.  If not, this post will reveal a secret tool that can help automate your field service operations and improve overall workforce productivity for your business. What is Geofencing? Geofence in a virtual perimeter/boundary (a fence) around a particular… Read More »

Automate Field Operations with IFTTT(If-this-then-that)

Mobile technology has come a long way and is changing the way we do business. Enterprises across the globe are undergoing a shift in business operations. Companies with field operations, in various industries, are witnessing a push to embrace mobile technology to automate various parts and aspects of their business. If you’re a field-service business,… Read More »

Mobile workforce management: Finding your Ideal Solution

For a big chunk of the corporate world, distributed teams are quickly becoming a new and uncomfortable reality of work. As a result, mobile workforce management solutions have experienced some technological advances thanks in part to smartphones and GPS tracking.  For companies with mobile workforce –  like in  HVAC/ Plumbing,  home-care & hospice or property… Read More »

Beware the Free App for Your Business – You’ll Get What You Pay For

The easiest way to start enhancing your business’ bottom line is to put the right mobile employee management tools into place. Businesses that implement the right tools can save and earn tens of thousands per employee per year in payroll and opex cost savings and productivity increases. However, navigating through the maze of solutions being… Read More »

3 Key Enablers for Improving Team Productivity in the Field

Managing your Operations team in the field is all about People, Places & their Phones – the 3 Ps of our Workforce Management Platform. The 1st P — About Phones A modern-day phone is a veritable supercomputer with over 10 sensors ranging from GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Image, Light Sensor, Proximity, NFC, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and more.  These sensors detect activities in… Read More »