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bizTeam is the core of myGeoTracking location management service which allows you to locate, track, message and manage all of your employees on the go. bizTeam gives you an unmatched field force management solution. Because bizTeam is a cloud-based employee location tracking solution that leverages existing wireless infrastructure and phone capabilities, you can use any cell phone and eliminate the need to invest in any GPS or Telematics devices. myGeoTracking lets you leverage your existing devices, cell phones and data plan to help you do more with your business.

bizTeam allows you Locate, Message and Manage all of your mobile workforce under a single dashboard. With bizTeam you can:

  • Locate and manage your employees on the move
  • Complete, fine-grained control over privacy
  • Dispatch new jobs to the nearest field worker & get instant job status using geotagged SMS and IVR
  • Get customized reports and increase visibility into business
  • BYOD strategy friendly -- just use your existing cell phones and wireless plan

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myGeoTracking does not require any special devices nor contracts. You can come as you are! We let our product convince you. If we don't meet your expectations, we give you the choice to explore other options.


  • Mobile WorkForce Management as a service
  • Mobile Asset Management (MAM) as a service
  • Mobile Resource Management (MRM) as a service
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) Services
  • Web 2.0 based API fos LBS
  • Mobile Web and M2M application
  • Design and Development
  • USPS Compliance Fleet Tracking service


  • Increase Visibility
  • Track & Record Employee Time
  • Have Proof
  • Text and Voice status updates
  • Analyze Service Response
  • Cut Down Costs and Increase Bottom Line